The Sherp’s on the prowl for submerge fans–old, young and everything in between are welcome.

Shout out to the submerge troops. The Sherp’s writing up a heavy article all about 10 years of submerge and this one is all about the people without whom submerge would never have been possible–namely you, their fans! So if you’re interested (and we hope that you are) in being part of our interview process drop us a line with your contact details and why you’re submerge’s biggest fan either by emailing us at and or by sending us a message to our Facebook inbox. We’ll pick ten people for our story ’10 Fans On How Submerge Changed/Impacted Their Life,’ as part of a larger picture that will trace its journey over the last 10 years. Of course, we swear whole-heartedly that no one will be using your contact information aside from us.

The incentive? You’ll get to be part of the epic submerge story we’re crafting forever. So if being a part of the EDM revolution that’s gripped this country appeals to you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

[Note to readers–Input from old fans who’ve been around since Submerge’s more nascent stages will be greatly appreciated]