As part of their recently launched campaign, ‘Always Brewing’, Budweiser is set to bring its international music property ‘What’s Brewing’ for the 1st time to India

Budweiser’s What’s Brewing will be taking place this month on the 30th of September in Delhi and will feature a unique combination of artists under one single roof.

(Credits: golinopinion)

The Haus Khas Social in Delhi will be hosting the event which will include musical performances by some big names in electronic music like BLOT, Anushka + Agent, Progressive Brothers, Paraphoniks, Frame/Frame, SICKFLIPZaeden and Kerano. There will be three stages; The Underground, which will feature electronic music with minimalist techno, The Ghetto will present the New York style of Hip Hop music and The Club will take its inspiration from Amsterdam style clubs.

They are also going to hold a contest for aspiring artists to perform at the event. All they need to do is upload a thirty minute set on SoundCloud. The headlining acts of all the three stages will decide the winner for each stage, each of who will open for the acts. You can apply here.

The first edition of this initiative is to give all electro music lovers a chance to have an incredible experience by showcasing “What’s brewing in the the world of music” and will take the audience across different genres, moods, sensations and experiences.

The entry is free, so you just can’t miss it.