Like the *famous* saying goes, “if you can’t get to Coachella, Coachella must come to you.”

Inspired by the best elements of everyone’s favourite summer festival, The Sherp teaches you how to nail a Do It Yourself Coachella.


1. Your backyard is the perfect venue

A nice grassy piece of land should do, your or your friend’s backyard should do. If you aren’t accustomed to having your own, head over to a public garden or colony park and find a secluded spot.


2. Make your own Tee-pees

Teepees are a Coachella staple, and making yourself is as simple as tying up bedsheets onto wooden rods. It really is a no brainer. If you still think you need some help, follow this easy tutorial to making the perfect summerime Tee-pee.

All you need : Bedsheets, paint, wooden rods.

teepeediy(Image Courtesy


3. Try some interesting DIY outfits 

As we all know, Coachella is practically a breeding ground for new fashions, with tonnes of celebrities and models sporting the latest ‘hobo-chic’ trends. So why not indulge yourself, as well?

The basic Coachella look is pretty easy to master. Here are a few awesome DIY ideas for any festival outfit under the sun.

cover picture


4. Invite everyone!

Think of it as a themed birthday party, and invite all your favourite peeps. (pets included).
The more the merrier right? To make things more interesting you can also ask your friends to come dressed as “their favourite celebrities at coachella.”

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5. Serve up some good ol’ sangria/wine coolers

Even fruit based cocktails like watermelon Mojitos, Rum Punch will do the trick.


6. What about a hotdog stand?

DIY projects always take that extra effort like building a nice little food cart or hot-dog stand. If you’re pressed for time or simply couldn’t bear to put in the effort, a barbecue grill would do.

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7. Have the Coachella live-stream playing in the background

Whether you’ve decided to hold this shindig in a park or your backyard, make sure you have a WiFi dongle or any other form of portable internet. Precisely because, hosting a Coachella-themed party with the live-stream in the background will make you feel like you’re actually there.

Thank god for wireless internet aye?


8. Make it an (inflatable) pool party.

Who says you need an actual pool? Pick up some inflatable pools from your nearby swim-shop and you’re good to go.

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9. A karaoke machine will definitely add to the vibe.

Dress like a headliner, sing like a headliner.

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