Planning for music festivals is serious and very often expensive business. While you can’t always avail discounts on entry tickets or travel arrangements, planning your outfits isn’t always the expensive affair you expect it to be.

Here are some awesomesauce Do-It-Yourself tutorials, that can really help you create some classic yet uber-trendy festival outfits, without burning a hole threw your pocket, of’course.



1. The denim cutoffs

Let’s face it, fad or no fad, cutoff shorts are a festival staple that will never go out of style-especially when paired with some gorgeous fringe boots and an easy tank top. But the question is, how do you make YOUR pair of cutoffs reflect your style and personality?

Add some colour, patterns or even layer on store-bought lace in some really easy steps. If you’re looking to give your shorts the ombre dip-dye look, first cut and fray the ends as you see fit and then dip them in bleach. To add colour, dip the bleached part into fabric dye and leave it to dry. You can also add patterns to the ombre’d part or quickly stitch on some left-over lace your mom has lying around. It really is the easiest way to make your shorts look really vibrant or edgy. If you like the multiple ombre’d look you can repeat the process with other fabric dyes as well.

All you need : A pair of old jeans or denim shorts, a pair of scissors, bleach, fabric dye/lace.

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2. The t-shirt dress

The T-Shirt Dress is a super versatile outfit that you can pair with a trendy tote, colour sandals, boots and whatever else you’d like.
And who says you have to rummage through racks and rack at ZARA or Forever 21 to find the perfect one? You’d might as well just make your own.

Follow the easy steps illustrated below to create a bran new outfit. You can also use leftover dye from your cutoff shorts to add some ombre magic to T-shirt dress as well!

All you need : A plain long T-shirt in the colour of your choice (preferably a bit old to give it that worn out look) and a pair of scissors.


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3. This tote-turned-backpack

A stylish backpack is the perfect and most useful accessory for a festival. Check out this awesome tutorial for those of who who have a few extra tote bags lying around. In a few simple steps you can transform your otherwise dreary tote into an awesome and functional backpack.

All you need : Tote bag, quilting rope, paint, large hemp (optional), scissors, a paintbrush, masking tape, bobby pin.

Get the full tutorial here

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4. The fringe tank/t-shirt

This is probably the easiest DIY wardrobe project you can indulge in. If you’re someone who digs the frayed look, you must try this out. And by the looks of it, it barely takes any time to make.

All you need : A t-shirt and a pair of scissors

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Watch the tutorial below :



5. The simplest turban headband you’ll ever make 

Turban headbands are this season’s cutest new addition to festival fashion, don’t you think? It’s a practical way to keep your hair in place and bring some colour to your face.

Check out this genius 3-step tutorial, that will get you making turban headbands out of all the t-shirts you own!

All you need : A nice printed T-shirt 



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Watch the tutorial below :



6. A leather headband too?

This may not seem as easy as it looks, but is definitely worth a try. These unique leather headbands can be the defining item of your outfit, ya know?

All you need : A blade, scissors, a ruler, measuring tape, regular tape, a lighter, a couple of feet of leather cord and scrap pieces of leather.

Watch the tutorial here : 



7. The denim vest

Got an old and frumpy denim jacket lying around? Snip off the sleeves and add some studs and fabric paint, and you’ve got a good ol’ vest cover up that will go with practically anything you wear to a festival!

All you need : Some studs, scissors and a your dad’s old denim jacket.


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Watch the tutorial here :


8. Arrow sandals

Wondering what to do with faded sandals lying around? You can totally spruce them up with the help of this this awesome Etsy tutorial.

All you need : A pair of sandals, scissors and leather strips.

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9. The studded bra

Making studded bras is actually easier than you think. Adding the studs follows a simple ‘fix-it-on’ process, which someone with even little-or-no creative instincts can figure out, we assure you.

All you need : A bra, store bought studs, pliers and an imagination.

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Watch the tutorial here :


10. The turban scarf

Wrap, wrap, wrap.

All you need : A printed scarf and some bobby pins

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