With the festival season just about picking up in the country, here are a few hacks that can make your experience a more relaxed and enjoyable one, courtesy The Sherp

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1. Wearing a watch can save your cellphone battery

Think about it. Instead of constantly checking your phone to figure out the time, wear a cheap/disposable watch instead. This is will save your phone battery, considerably.

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2. Carry cash in a fanny pack

Regardless of the many ATMs at the festival venue, there will always be a godforsaken queue for you to stand in. Instead, make sure to carry all the cash you need in a fanny pack you can tie around your waist. If you’re afraid of looking like you 98-year-old grandfather, you can always use a trendy/fashionable one.

ProTip : A Jammy pack might work better for you, it’s a fanny pack with attachable speakers!

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3. Sneak alcohol into a festival like a baus

Tired of paying through your nose for a single glass of whiskey? Fret not, here’s a fairly ingenious yet risky way of sneaking in some of that liquid courage.


4. A portable charger is your best friend

Carry a freshly-juiced up portable charger just in case your battery runs out, especially if you’re at camping festival. You will not believe now helpful these things will turn out to be.

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 5. You don’t realise how useful a first aid kit is until you need it

Which you most probably will. Music festival are high-energy events that come with more mishaps than anything. A sprained leg, a cut brow or scraped knees are pretty much expected of the experience. Be smart and carry a tiny first aid kit of band-aid and gauze just in case aid stations are full.

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 6. Odomos is your bro

Camping out on lush grass under the starry night is great and all, but what about the mosquitoes that are gonna practically massacre you? In times like that, Odomos is your loyal and trusty friend. Always and forever.


 7. Establishing a meet-up spot is more than necessary

Just in case you lose your friends at the festival (which let’s face it, you probably will), make sure you establish a establish a place where you can all meet up to pow-wow. This could really save you walking around the venue like zombie.

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 8. Alcohol wipes or sanitizer can save your life

Alcohol wipes are a hassle free way to keep your hands clean especially after using port-a-loos. They will also protect you from some potentially life-threatening and icky germs.

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 9. Waterproof everything

Your phone cover, shoes and even your backpack. Make sure they’re all waterproof just in case you’re caught in a torrential downpour while watching your favourite act play.


10. Earplugs, bro. Earplugs

Believe it or not, these things actually make the music sound better.