Keep your passports ready, folks! They took you to EDC, and now they’re here to take you to one of the biggest music festivals, ever.


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Breezer Soundhike promised to take travel aficionados to the grandest world cities, like Belgium, Las Vegas, Miami, California, and the list goes on. And they delivered. For the first edition, Breezer Soundhike got you to the legitimate party capital of the world, Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival.

Now all you EDM enthusiasts have an opportunity to check another epic music fest off your bucket lists. For their second edition Breezer is making a trip to Belgium for the best music festival the country has to offer. Home to Brussels, the self-proclaimed “Capital of Europe” and a well-known music festival hub, Belgium is a traveler’s paradise, and even better if you have an affinity for dance music. Picturesque, cozy and undeniably breathtaking, Breezer Soundhike’s more than ready to kick start the second edition of their agenda at Belgium.


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How to get there, you ask? All you have to do is let your inner raver out and spill the beans. Send Breezer your craziest Dubsmash and show them why you deserve a hike to Belgium and – viola! One lucky individual + three mandatory bffs get to make a trip to Belgium this year. Excited? Yes, so are we.

You can send in your entries HERE.

Do keep your eyes here for updates, folks! And don’t forget that you heard it here first!