DanceSafe gets shut down early, abruptly and quite mysteriously at Electric Forest. Read below to find out more. 

DanceSafe is a non-profit organization that educates ravers all over the country’s nightlife and electronic music spheres to use substances safely and wisely via harm reduction techniques. This would be the fourth year this organization has been serving as a vendor at Electric Forest festival in Michigan.

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This Friday, though, which was the second day of the festival, they were stop conducting free, onsite testing and selling kits, in addition to handing out clean snorting straws and informational cards on Heroin.

It is said that a representative from Madison House Presents cited these items as “too promotional,” and felt that DanceSafe’s impact would be more positively received by withholding such products and information from attendees.

The following day, the same Madison House representative, along with two other festival officials, asked Mitchell Gomez (National Outreach Director at DanceSafe) to shut down his booth immediately. No further explanation as to why DanceSafe was forced to leave Electric Forest early was given.


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Do you think it was appropriate for Madison House Presents to shut down DanceSafe mid-festival? Many say that organizations encourage and make excuses for drug abuse. Do you agree that these organizations should not be permitted on festival grounds or that it’s okay for them to convey their message of having more information about the drugs circulated at these festivals and safe use of them.

Do let us know your thoughts, folks.