Bonobo just released a new track from his upcoming album ‘Migration’ and it is nothing short of magical!

Bonobo aka Simon Green is a musical genius, we all know that. Just yesterday we told you guys that he had released a teaser video on Facebook for his new album release. Following up with that cryptic post, he took to Facebook to post another video. This time it was a 30 second video with the date 13th January 2017 as the date for the album release! The video was accompanied with the beautiful artwork that the album will own! 

Before we could take that in, he just released a new single titled ‘Kerala’ from his new album! Simon has stated that the study of people and spaces is what motivates his style of music. The video, which stars Gemma Arterton, is of a highly surrealistic nature. With the video being cut and looped endlessly, the track possesses a very melodic and upbeat progression and some beautiful vocal cuts.

Along with the announcement of the album and the video, Bonobo also went ahead and shared the tracklist for the album which features collaborating artists like Rhye, Nick Murphy (a.k.a. Chet Faker) and Innov Gnawa. He even released his tour dates for the upcoming album!

What a beautiful start to the day!