Beer Pong Slam – Edition 6, Presented by Junglee Rummy and Powered By Morning Fresh at The White Owl was a grand success and we have the pictures to prove it!

The Beer Pong Slam is the countries biggest beer pong tournament till date. The 6th edition saw an incredible out pour of fans and competitors who tried their hand at the sport. The game requires two or one player in each team. The person from each team tries to land a ping-pong ball into the opponents glasses. When they do, the rival has to drain their glass. The best part is, no one loses as everyone gets to chug down some amazing beer! The initiative was and continues to be brought to us by Civiva Entertainment, headed by Ankit Prasad and Niraj Dhiliwal, to spread the culture of Beer Pong as a sport for alcohol lovers in India.

Take a look at what transpired at the 6th edition of Beer Pong Slam!

When beer is in the vicinity, you know for sure that there is going to be a lot of bonding between friends and strangers alike. And that is exactly what happened! People got together with their friends and took part in the competition, while some chose to take a step back and enjoy their drink without getting too competitive!

The Beer Pong Slam saw a total of 64 teams come together. The grand prize was a whopping INR 20,000! Apart from the cash prize there were also goodies and vouchers given away by Red Wolf, Matchstix India and Monk Story, which were worth upto INR 1 lakh! Given the amazing swag that was up for grabs, it was no surprise that people put on their best game face and took part in the games!

And ultimately, the winners were rewarded with the moolah!

They say pictures speak a thousand words and these pictures sure do that! The 2016 Beer Pong Slam saw some of the most enthusiastic people come together under one roof and take part in a beer-fuelled game! 

Until next years edition!