India’s most awaited wine and music confluence was an all round splendid affair and the tranquil, yet boisterous vibe, that enveloped the gathering was a profoundly refreshing experience. The Sherp sheds light on the factors that contributed to the serene aura at this pleasant festival.

1. The liquor was di-wine 


Sula has worked wonders in terms of contributing towards the wine culture in India and the range on offer at the festival was just exquisite. The wine tasting here exposed audiences to the delightful realm of tastes that make attending SulaFest a cult for wine lovers across the country.


2. Absolute freedom  


The beautiful vineyard provided plenty of space for revellers to loiter around and just unwind as opposed to jumping stages and desperately vying for space that happens at a majority of music festivals in India. The 160-acre plantation houses a resort as well, and you could grab a bottle of your favorite wine and walk around the estate like a free bird.


3. The music  


Here’s the business end of the reason why SulaFest was such a comfortable convention. The music assembled here was a perfect eclectic mix of genres catered to everyone’s musical senses. The Atmasphere stage’s techno destruction, Young The Giant‘s captivating main stage showdown and Lucky Ali‘s soulful ride back in time was a sheer joy to watch. The amphitheatre structure just added to all the magic.


4. The people  


The Sherp’s been around a manifesto of top festivals across the country but the Sula community surely stands out as one of the best. The people were walking around in harmony, and you could hear laughs and cheers at every nook and corner of the estate. Trouble was at a minimum, owing greatly to the harmonious vibe around the festival.


5.  The activity area was as lively as it could get

IMG_7309 IMG_7310 IMG_7327

Situated closest to the entrance of the plantation, the activity area was packed with engaging bustle and people were seen flocking to this beautifully roofed enclosure. Grape stomping,air hockey,  mechanical bull riding and photo booths kept people’s brain cells active as they battled with sobriety in this space.

Special mention goes out to the High Striker, upon hitting the highest target the winner would get a free bottle of Sula!


6. There was some really grand grub on offer

Let’s just let these images do all the talking.

IMG_8336 IMG_8334 IMG_8321 IMG_8324 IMG_8329


7. The marvelous view  

IMG_8419 IMG_7252

Right above the wine tasting room was a balcony section overlooking the entire 160 acre vineyard, and getting a table here was an understandibly difficult task. The entire Sula landscape is beautifully laid out and stacked with wallpaper material.


8. Nasik’s pleasant evening chill added to the wonder 


Soon after battling the soaring day time heat, the sunsets at Nasik made way for the pleasant chill to creep in. Located at a slight height (600m above sea level), the cool breeze wasn’t as harsh as to cause jitters but it complimented the festival perfectly. The climate of a venue plays a huge part in the success of any event.


9. Isolated location  


Although Nashik is the third largest city in Maharashtra, the vineyard is extremely isolated and away from the bustle of the city. The drive to the plantation was also a pleasant ride, with hills and small lakes running parallel to the route.


10. Efficient organization  


Overall, a festival that was brilliantly put together. The musical acts assembled were top notch. The team must have worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth functioning at such a large venue. Incident-free, and void of any unnecessary trouble, SulaFest 2015 was indeed, a beautiful experience.

(All Images Courtesy: Jeethendra Saran)