The Red Bull Tour Bus has hit a memorable milestone! Benny Dayal Funktuation has become the 100th unique act to play on top of the Tour Bus! 

Back in 2013, on 5th October, ‘The Red Bull Tour Bus’ announced a massive launch gig in Mumbai. The one-of-a-kind concert saw Scribe, Swarathma, Dualist Inquiry Band and The Supersonics perform on top of a pimped out vanity bus to a packed crowd at the P.J Hindu Gymkhana in Mumbai. Now, this past Sunday, their 3rd anniversary celebrations hit a new milestone that will be cherished for a long time to come. Benny Dayal’s ensemble – Benny Dayal Funktuation, became the 100th unique act to have played on the bus!

Credits: Ali Bharmal

This years edition saw Nucleya, Blackstratblues, Karsh Kale Soundsystem and Benny Dayal Funktuation among others who threw down a serious party of sorts at the venue where they first started out three years back. Since then, the bus has been on an unfathomable journey! The first year, after making a pit stop at three other cities after Mumbai, The Tour Bus was also a stage at the NH7 Weekender, Pune. Since then, they haven’t looked back.

Now, exactly 100 acts have performed on top of the four-wheeler mammoth machine and they comprise of names that we can’t even begin to list out. Basically, the best of the best our country has to offer! Three years older and a 100 acts older, the Red Bull Tour Bus has seen quite a journey. It will only get bigger in the years to come! 

May the journey never end!