This is probably heartbreaking but there’s a valid reason behind it.

Eric Prydz rose to fame in 2004 with the mega hit “Call On Me” which put him on the DJ map internationally. But, recent events have led us to know that the DJ avoids playing the track to such an extent that he hasn’t played it since 2005!


In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the man revealed that he tries to avoid playing the track which often gets him into trouble. During a performance in Quebec, the DJ refused to play the track to close the show and Canadian fans bottled him off the stage in 2007!

He said, “This is the thing. I do cringe when I hear Call On Me. The record is so old now, I made it back in 2003 then it was released in 2004. It brings back a lot of memories for me, a lot of good memories. But, you know, I never really saw it as my record. It’s not something that I’ve written, the whole melodic part was written by Steve Winwood. It’s a sample that’s been cut up and some drums and bass added. I think the original version was seven and a half minutes long.”

He continued, “They (the record company) took that and made this super-short 2½ minute radio edit then they made the video which I had nothing to do with; I didn’t really like the video. They were totally like, ‘You signed this. We can do what the f— we want’,” he recalls. “I’m surprised people are still bringing it up like you are now. People who don’t know what I do maybe expect it to hear it when I DJ. Will I never play it again? Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.”

We have no idea if that means he won’t play the single at his debut in India at Vh1 Supersonic! Guess only time will tell.