SFX Entertainment’s festival property Stereosonic is allegedly about to be scrapped much like TomorrowWorld due to widespread drug related incidents.

With the Australian jinx knocking over festivals like dominoes, the Stereosonic festival is probably one of the biggest victims until now. The increase in drug related overdoses and deaths at festivals has long caused a lot of controversy in the country. This led to the government stepping in and imposing strict regulations on festival organizers. Now it seems due to these new restrictions, the 5 city touring festival and one of Australia’s largest music festivals has been permanently cancelled.


(Courtesy : musicfeeds.com.au)

Last year was a terrible year for the festival scene in Australia with 2 people dead and dozens of overdoses at festivals like Stereosonic and Field Day. There was a media and government outburst which placed the onus on the organizers for not providing a safe atmosphere for patrons. When Confidential requested comment on the industry speculation of the impending cancellation of the festival, Totem OneLove and SFX Entertainment, the companies behind the festival did not reply. This has been taken as confirmation that Stereosonic will no longer be taking place.