Selfie sticks have become all the rage in the last few years, with everyone in possession of the insult to the venereal monopod. Every music festival in the world has one or more people who don’t watch performances and forget to take in the sights, all in favour of getting more Instagram likes with their selfie stick skills.

However, music festivals have taken it upon themselves to curb this feverish fetish for selfie sticks, with some going all out and banning other camera accessories inside too. The Sherp has a list of 8 such festivals that have kissed the selfie stick goodbye.

1. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival


(Courtesy: Facebook)

Coachella’s FAQ page in 2015 had the following statement: “No selfie sticks/narcissists.” Evidently describing their hate for selfie sticks, all future editions of Coachella will do without selfie sticks!

2. Lollapalooza Festival


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While Coachella’s statement was sarcastic enough, Lollapalooza was to-the-point, banning more than just selfie sticks. “GoPro attachments like sticks, selfie sticks & monopods” are officially banned from Lollapalooza, so your personal aftermovie is going to be short of one festival.

3. Cavendish Beach Music Festival



The President of Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Jeff Squires, had only this to say: “It’s just a distraction.” That it definitely is! Cavendish never had any problems with selfie sticks in the past, but a ban was still imposed to prevent future mishaps.

4. Squamish Valley Music Festival



The popular Squamish Valley Music Festival, among a host of other festival properties, also joined the bandwagon and banned selfie sticks at their festival. Unfortunately, the Canadian festival itself dissolved this year, with no 2016 edition set to take place.

5. Pemberton Music Festival



Many people felt sad when Pemberton banned selfie sticks at the festival, with some users taking to Reddit to express their displeasure. However, this article by Micheal Mann on Straight talks about how he managed to sneak in his selfie stick inside Pemberton Music Festival effortlessly, doubting the festival’s prohibition tactics!

6. ACL Music Festival



While professional camera equipment was already banned at ACL, the list of prohibited items now include selfie sticks. It comes as no surprise, because ACL Fest is handled by C3 Presents, the same guys who manage Lollapalooza.

7. Hangout Music Festival



Georgia’s popular beach festival went with the ban the FAQ way, listing the selfie stick as a prohibited item in 2014 among other obvious things like weapons and illegal drugs, kites, chairs and umbrellas.

8. Splendour In The Grass



Rounding off this list is Splendour In The Grass, who banned selfie sticks and listed them as “Items that are not allowed inside the entertainment precinct”. Several other Australian venues have banned selfie sticks too, and Splendour In The Grass belongs to the family now.

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