The monstrous duo of Diplo and Skrillex which forms Jack U has been slowly creeping into country music artist playlists!

Prominent country artists Zac Brown, lead singer of the Grammy winning band Zac Brown Band, has just announced a side project titled Sir Rosevelt. The new venture is supposedly going to be a dance-pop project, which seems a little odd coming from a country artist. But there is actually more to the story behind the idea of going on a different path!

The Sir Rosevelt project was apparently influenced by dance music stalwarts Diplo and Skrillex and their super group Jack U! “We started listening to Jack U, Diplo and Skrillex, and I love listening to that music” said Zac. He further adds that the band is also heavily influenced by music from other EDM artists like Avicii, DJ Snake and Calvin Harris. 


The motive behind this move, according to Zac, is to broaden their horizon and not limit themselves to what their live performances could do. “I think it’s up to us to make sure what we’re doing has that mojo in it that makes people feel something, regardless of their background.” said Zac. 

They debuted four tracks from the Sir Rosevelt project, the tracks all possess an individuality of their own. While staying true to the country roots, they are infused with a dance floor vigour that will make the laziest people want to get up and dance!

Check out their songs below!

We can only hope that more and more genres defy sticking to their boundaries and venture out for such quirky collabs!