We have a list of figures that represent what the artists at the epochal Woodstock ’69 earned while performing at the event. And it’s shocking.

Ever wondered what it was like to live and earn like a rockstar in the great 60’s? Well, you don’t have to wonder about the latter anymore. Sherp brings to you an exclusive list with every artist’s earnings made at Woodstock ’69.

JimmyHendrix_Diltz_1(Image Courtesy: woodstock.com)

Woodstock ’69, held at White Lake, NY made an indelible impact as one of the most iconic festivals in rock history. The event is considered a milestone, featuring artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who and many other rock veterans from the 60’s. Here’s the entire list of artists and their earnings via Ultimate Guitar.


Jimi Hendrix tops the list at an astonishing 18,000 dollars. Now we know that this was over four decades ago, but the idea of seeing a legend play live for one tenth of the amount you know they would charge today is fascinating, to say the least.

(Cover Image Courtesy: myslackermind.com)