Something massive is brewing up this summer and the Sherp’s got exclusive scoop on this showcase of a festival scale. 

If you turn back the clock to October 2014, you’ll remember the massive Zomboy tour that blew away India as part of the ‘HARD DAYS‘ showcase dedicated towards breaking away from the monotony of sounds that we’re exposed to in our country. Centered around bass music, we’ve got news that the HARD DAYS concept is possibly manifesting into a single-day festival in Mumbai sometime soon.


Promising an absolutely premier experience, the single day event epitomizes the ideals that HARD DAYS is all about: it’s a celebration of music that’s not bound by any barriers and will provide worthy of your ‘hard’ earned money. Slated to be a 7-hour long extravaganza, some of the most future bass oriented international and local arsenal will be brought together for you in a venue that will further your anticipation for this event

All we can reveal about this as of now is that its going to definitely be held this summer, for the rest: you’re just going to have to stay glued to The Sherp.

(All Images Courtesy: Zomboy Facebook)