The track has been produced by the DJ’s own new label.

Anish Sood has been an active part of the electronic music industry since his first step into the music world in 2008, and this month, he has not just one but two surprises for his fans.

The DJ just dropped his new single “Don’t Stop” which is a collaboration between him and LA-based songwriter/producer Charlie Sputnik who has an extensive body of work to back him up too. The song will be released along with the launch of Sood’s new record label “CLASS ACTION”. The song has, both, an emotional side as well as the dance quality that we have seen Sood master over the years with groovy beats that are infectious as ever.  Buy the single on iTunes!

Sood became an overnight hit when he was featured on Marcel Wood’s Music Madness and created his ultra famous single “Superfly” with Nanok and Anushka Manchanda. He has proved himself to be a master in his own element and now, with a new label, he’s going all out with his dedication to music and maybe even more.

“Launching my own label has always been a dream and I’m thrilled that it’s finally taking shape now. With CLASS ACTION, I aim to deliver not just quality music but also fresh clothing and carefully curated art. We plan to sign artists across genres beginning next year and the focus will firmly be on quality and not quantity,” he said. It will also function as a platform for music, fashion, art and collaborative releases with artists and other designers as well.

Hear it now: