Ultra Miami 2016 hosted some great performances but amidst all the music, some artists took to the stage to make a political statement against Donald Trump. As they should.

Donald Trump has constantly shocked the world. Not only by his outrageously racist comments and views on foreign policy and immigrants but by actually being a serious contender for the American presidency. Despite the completely inane support that Trump has somehow gathered, several musicians are not taking Trump’s comments lightly.

Be it Zedd taking to Twitter :

Or duo FIGHT CLVB‘s hilarious track Donald Trump (for which they were served a cease and desist order by Trump’s attorneys but still refused to take it down). :

In latest news, American DJ Duo The Chainsmokers took the opportunity to publicly denounce Trump on the Ultra Miami live stream. They then got on Twitter to explain their actions to fans and expressed no regrets :

MAKJ also jumped in to the anti Trump wagon at Ultra when he stopped mid set, acknowledged a Trump sign in the audience and got the crowd to chant “Fuck Donald Trump!”

With so many musicians pissed of at Donald Trump, he must be doing something (Read : EVERYTHING) wrong! What do you think? Let us know!