The festival is all about a clean, green life.

With a number of challenges being faced due to climate change, See Sharp Fest, which will take place at Goa’s Ashwem Beach fr om the 24th – 26th of February, is all about learning new ways to help the planet with small gestures that could be big with time.


The festival is focusing on sustainability and learning green skills taking the four elements of life – Earth, Air, Water and Fire – into consideration. One will learn all about cooking with a solar cooker, making biogas from waste, growing organic food, building a vertical garden, making a wind mill to charge your phone, making soap from waste oil, discovering the concept of mindful eating and more.

There will be a number of masterclasses by experts such as Waylon D’Souza, Bharat Arora, Amanda Biccum, Ayaz Basrai, Hemant Gupta, Rico Zook and more. Actor Abhay Deol too posted a video about the festival on his official Facebook page. See it here:

The festival will also feature musical performances by A Bit of Both, Ankur Tewari, Satyananda, Calm Chor and Jalebee Cartel.

It’s a festival unlike any other and you should attend it to have a new insight into how harmful pollutants really are and how just one step can make life easier and healthier at the same time.

Tickets are available and make sure you get them now. To know more, log on to their official webpage.