If only they all existed in India. But hey, we’re all up for some travelling aren’t we?

It’s February and as we prepare for the intense heat wave that’s gonna hit us very soon, we take a look at some of the best ways to get wet (not the way you’re thinking). Here’s the Sherp’s list of 5 wet festivals around the world..

1. Wife-Carrying World Championships

Credits: http://www.travelchannel.com

Feeling hot? Then go ahead and jump in the water; carry your wife while you’re at it. Although, the Finnish would have already beaten you to the punch! Not only will you divert your mind and feel the coolness of the water, but you can win prizes too! Guess you really do win for chivalry. Although, we don’t think carrying your wife over your head counts as chivalry but who’s judging?

Dates: 30th of June to 1st of July. Click here.


 2.Boryeong Mud Festival

Credits: https://www.flightcentre.ca

If getting dirty is more your thing, why not just let go and cover yourself completely in mud? That’s just what the South Koreans do! Whether it’s wrestling, the mud king contest, mud fireworks fantasy or mud sliding, your skin’s gonna be looking a whole lot better when you’re done, that’s for sure! After all, who needs to buy mud packs when you can just roll around in mud all day? Hosted at Daecheon beach, just outside Seoul, this fest definitely sounds like a lot of fun!

Dates: July 14th to 23rd. Click here.

3. La Tomatina

Credits: https://www.dogonews.com/

Colour me red! How about participating in the world’s largest food fight? with over 40,000 people throwing tomatoes at each other for a whole hour, at the festival, the entire town turns red! Well, I guess the Spaniards really do love the colour red, don’t they? Or maybe they’re just obsessed with tomatoes!

Date: 30th August. Click here

4. Battle Of The Oranges

Credits: https://www.facebook.com/Orange-Battle-Ivrea-Carnival-294202567427282/

So what if tomatoes ain’t your thing, why not go for something a little more sweet! Oranges seem to be the fruit of choice for the Italians. Known for being the biggest food fight in Italy, the participants are divided into nine combat teams who throw oranges at each other in a rather violent fashion, during the carnival days. What a citrus fight!

Dates: 25th to 28th February. Click here.


Credits: pinterest.com

Ah finally, we come to India’s pride and joy. Known as the festival of colour, Holi witnessed families throwing colour on each other, kids playing with water guns and balloons and sneaky teens dropping water bombs on unsuspecting cars passing by. After all, no one can celebrate a festival quite like Indians, can they?

Date: March 13th.

Know of any more? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.