Grab your popcorn bowl guys, this should be a fun ride.

When it comes to displaying a king size ego, our dear celebrities do not miss an opportunity to take centre stage. Some of the most respected names in music have sometimes stooped to horrifying lows to protect their sense of pride, and we’ve assembled a list of the most ridiculous, yet entertaining war of words from the world of music.

1. Rihanna vs Chris Brown


Probably one of the most high profile feuds from the music world has it’s origins from a history of physical violence between the ex-lovers. Brown was accused of assault and felony battery against the pop star and their turbulent relationship finally ended a few years ago, with bouts being fought over ambiguous Twitter messages and other mediums.


2. Lorde vs Diplo

Image: Tumblr

This was quite a ridiculous series of events, kick-started by nothing more than what can be classified as sheer boredom. Diplo decided to body shame Taylor Swift for no apparent reason, and it didn’t end with one tweet. He went on a nonsensical spree. Rumoured ex-flame, Lorde came to the rescue, not necessarily defending Taylor, but what else did Diplo expect?


3. Lady Gaga vs Die Antwoord

Two iconic figureheads of pop music went head-to-head over a music video posted by the South African rap group where a Lady Gaga lookalike was ridiculed and eventually mauled by a Lion. We all know Die Antwoord take crazy to another level when it comes to their music and music videos, but this one was quite disturbing as first glance. Clearly bitter, Lady Gaga responded with this message which ensued in another nauseating ego battle.


4. Taylor vs Kanye


Well, you all were waiting for this one weren’t you? Probably the longest running feud between two mastheads of pop music caught flame at the 2009 VMA’s when Kanye West, being Kanye West, interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech upon being awarded the Best Female Video Award for “You Belong With Me”.

And it doesn’t end here. Their turbulent “friendship” took many turns until Kanye most recently released his highly controversial “Famous” video which featured Taylor naked alongside a host of contentious celebrities.


5. Deadmau5 vs The World


Joel Zimmerman’s Twitter presence can be a joy to watch, but many a times, the Canadian tends to initiate a random war of words against fellow electronic musicians and celebrities. Known to be quite a loudmouth, he isn’t one to shy away from expressing his brutally honest demeanour via his social media portals, which include Soundcloud – a platform he uses to diss recreations of songs he finds creatively ridiculous to be called music.

To make a long story short, we’re just going to put up a list of notable casualties who battled Joel head on: Martin Garrix, Krewella, Paris Hilton, Red Foo, Tiesto, Avicii and KANYE to name a few.