Minister Jaykumar Rawal spoke to TOI about his department’s plan to minimise delays, limit licenses and ease the multi-layered administrative process that currently exists.

This decision comes close in the heels of David Guetta’s Mumbai gig getting cancelled and then rescheduled due to apparent ‘lack of necessary permits’. State tourism minister, Mr. Jaykumar Rawal, has also stated that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will look into the new system and pass the ordinance.


According to the tourism minister, it is the tangled web of bureaucracy that is responsible for these hiccups before a live event. He went on to say, “It is unfortunate that some officers, in order to satisfy their ego, have tried to obstruct events in the recent past and denied permissions at the last minute. This has caused a bad name to brand Mumbai. The world looks at Mumbai as a destination and Mumbai too has to live up to its name and be more welcoming. There is political will, already. We just have to make sure that we remove redtapism in the bureaucracy. It takes a lot to bring world-class events to our city and people have the liberty to do what they want as long as they complete the paperwork. We’re not here to do moral policing.”

He went on to add, “We want Mumbai to be more welcoming for all kinds of live events be it a classical concert, rock show or climate change and medical conferences. When events such as these thrive, the economy prospers, too.”

Credits: Monish Bhatt

David Guetta’s gig was not the first to fall into this vicious political trap. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s show in Mumbai was terminated in 2015 due to issues related to traffic and parking at the venue. American metal band Korn also had to cancel their gig in 2012 citing safety concerns. In Pune, Akon’s concert was cancelled in 2011 because organisers did not have the necessary foreign artist performance license. 

We do hope this comes through at the soonest so that our state can, once again, host the best international acts for its eager audience.