Breaking Bad is arguably one of the best drama series ever made. The unsettling plot keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the five seasons. With each sequence filmed to perfection, it’s safe to say that Vince Gilligan’s genius is indisputable. He had millions of anxious fans trying to guess how the show would end. And after a nail-biting wait, they finally witnessed the perfect finale that tied up all the loose ends.

We all share a deep admiration for the work of Bryan Cranston and the adorable Aaron Paul on the show. But Tony, Jono and Paavo seem to have something deeper than that. A lot of you probably got hooked on to Breaking Bad because of the trio going all out with their compelling ways of ‘endorsing’ the show.

The Sherp uncovers the infatuation Above & Beyond have for Breaking Bad:


Walter White – a hauntingly melodic track paying tribute to the revered protagonist Walter White. The track has now become a club anthem. According to the trio, the track goes through a journey of many moods, just like Walt himself.


Listen to the track here:


Los Pollos Hermanos (Spanish for ‘The Chicken Brothers’) – Gus Fring would be proud, aye?


And Tony wore it again… but this time, during a live performance!



I am the one who knocks.






It’s time to tread lightly…


[Image courtesy: EDM Insider]


The screen never looked so badass before!



Walter & Jesse & Gustavo & Meth.


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Tony McHeisenberg scouting out new territories in Buenos Aires


So how would you like your wine?


And your coffee? White… Walter White.

Did anyone else read it as ‘Breaking Bad’ or was it just me? Looks like we’re all suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawals.