…according to Zedd himself!

If you’ve been following Zedd on any social media platform, you sure as hell have noticed him wearing one particular red checkered shirt everywhere he goes. Or maybe he’s got a collection of checkered shirts but they all look pretty much the same to us. Whatever it is, Zedd needs to go on a massive shopping spree.

The Sherp goes back a little in time and makes a Zedd-wearing-the-same-shirt-everywhere compilation!


Zedd on Halloween – going as Zedd. He posted the same picture on his Facebook timeline with the caption “I officially only have 1 shirt.”


This one was posted in April this year. White replaces the blue checks.


On the very first Coffee Run with Deadmau5



Diving into an inflatable dinghy: March 2013


Spring Awakening Music Festival: June 2013 – Although this one is slightly different…


[Image courtesy: WeekendNatives.com]


Zedd & friends at Mansion: March 2013


[Image courtesy: WorldEyeRed.com]


And you obviously remember seeing this: Mumbai, June 2013

zedd mumbai

[Image courtesy: Submerge]

If you have any pictures of Zedd wearing this shirt, share it with The Sherp!

[Cover Image courtesy: Rukes]