The Breaking Bad star and his wife are possibly the cutest couple ever and this proves it!

If you didn’t know already, Aaron Paul is bae goals af irl rn. Now that we have used enough internet lingo to establish just how perfect that guy is, let’s get move on. He and his beautiful wife Lauren got married in 2013 shortly after meeting at Coachella. Though she officially took on his last name, her name in his phone contacts remains unchanged.


“I still have her in my phone as ‘Lauren Coachella.’ I haven’t changed it. And so anytime she calls me or I call her I see Coachella and it reminds me of when we met,” Paul said Wednesday on Wake Up with Taylor. He then went on to detail just how obsessed he was with her and how he’s been in love with her since day one! He just keeps getting cuter y’all.