The festival will be serving up some of their local Taedonggang brew under the lights of the Taedong River Pier in central Pyongyang.

North Korea is hosting its first ever beer festival while revealing their local ale from the government’s Taedonggang brewery for the first time. With an alcohol content of five per cent, guests say it’s sweet with a bitter aftertaste — and they’re describing it as “world class”. There are seven taps for people to choose from appropriately named Beer 1, Beer 2, Beer 3, Beer 4, Beer 5, Beer 6, and finally Beer 7. The brew is being served with copious amounts of crowd-pleasing snacks such as chicken, pretzels and edamame beans.

Credits: Freaking News

More than 800 people reportedly have already attended the nationalistic opening ceremony which is set to run for 20 days. The director of North Korea’s General Bureau of Public Service told guests the event symbolised “the superiority and vitality” of the socialist leadership, which is “all about the people”. And has already been a hit — not just with the locals, but also to tourists who have attended the event so far.The festival is so popular they’re already planning the next one most likely in September, so plan a trip accordingly.