It’s that time of the year again. You’ve already bought your $5 shoes that you’re going to throw away right after, you’ve kept your outfits ready and you’ve made sure nothing can ruin this weekend for you (with the exception of a little bit of rain). And those weeks of preparation leading to this weekend were all worth it, because one of Canada’s biggest festivals is here; welcome to Veld weekend!

Now if this is your first time attending Veld, you’re in luck because the Sherp has prepared a handy list of points that you should consider before you attend the festival. If this is your first major Canadian music festival, then you’re in for a treat, as Veld doesn’t hold anything back. Check out our list of things to watch out for and how to enjoy the festival in the safest and most enjoyable way you can!


The Pyrotechnics


There’s a reason Veld remains one of the strongholds in Canada’s music scene, and rightfully so. Some people will argue that a festival is only about the music, but we believe it’s truly about the experience. And what better way to amplify the experience of a festival than amazing fireworks and stellar pyrotechnics. We’re not talking your basic roman candles and shoot-em-in-the-sky fireworks; we’re talking heavy-duty fire breathing machines and sparks that will make the 4th of July look like a party at someone’s backyard. Keep your eyes peeled to the stage because it’s an absolute breath-taking show.


Mosh pits


Remember when mosh pits were exclusive to rock concerts only? Not anymore. As a first time attendee of Veld, you might want to watch out for mosh pits that form during performances of any bass-heavy artist that takes the stage. Now if mosh pits appeal to you, feel free to join in on them, but make sure you’re being safe and aren’t harming anyone else around. If you’re not into them, just try and move to the side and it will eventually subdue.


Be helpful and ask for medical attention when needed


See your friend in trouble? Go get help. If you find that one of your friends or an attendee is dehydrated, not feeling too well, or has recently suffered an injury; take them to the nearest medic you can find (also found at the medical tent) and get them the medical assistance they need.


Have a meeting spot


Know your place! We mean it; make sure to talk to your friends and agree on a common meeting point. It is not uncommon in such large-scale events like Veld, for your group to be separated either by the crowd or because someone wants to see one artist, but the group wants to see another. Keeping a meeting point and periodical meeting times, so everyone can stay bundled together.


Carry a portable charger


We all know the perils of having your battery die just when you need to be in contact with someone. You can avoid that by having a fully charged phone and carrying a portable charger on you just in case your battery dies (which it will, with all the Snapchats and pictures that you’re going to take). This will help you be on the move while still charging your phone, so you’re not confined to the space of a charging station.


For more information, head on to Veld’s website:


Words by: Rakhima Kenzhebayeva