Your company plays an important role in enhancing your festival experience as well as your overall impression of the event. While there are some festivals that you can definitely ride solo for, some are meant to be visited with your partner in crime. Friendship’s day is here and the Sherp has shortlisted 10 gatherings you’re ought to attend with your best friend.

 watchara(via: Watchara/ LIB Facebook)


1. Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival



When: August 28 – 30

Where: Cotswold Farm, UK

A spectacular fusion of food and music, the Big Feastival is the perfect place to unwind and indulge in mouth-watering grub on offer. Your best friend and you have probably had some of your best meals (munchies, to be accurate) together, and with Groove ArmadaDizzee RascalElla Eyre, Paloma Faith providing the soundtrack to the festival – could you possibly think of a better way to hang with your bestie?


2. Shambala

shambala2(via: Shambala Facebook)

When: 27 – 30 August

Where: Secret Country Estate, Northamptonshire, UK

Held in a a stunning secret location in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, Shambala is a special place where you can play, revitalize and freely loiter around with your best friend. With over 200 diverse musical acts across 12 live stages, world-class cabaret, an amazing array of workshops, stand-up comedy, inspirational talks and debates, jaw dropping circus and acrobatics and interactive theatre, Shambala’s friendly vibe must be experienced at least once in a lifetime.


3. Peach Music Festival

peach(via: Peach Music Festival Facebook)

When: August 13 – 16 

Where: Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA, USA

Peach can be best described as live music heaven. Remember the days when you jammed all afternoon in the garage donning the Santana hat and air-guitaring your way to glory? Watch him and a host of legendary musicians in the flesh with your best friend at this fantastic festival. Need help picking out what acts to catch? Click HERE.


4. Sziget

sziget(via: Sziget Festival Facebook)

When: August 10 – 17

Where: Island Of Freedom, Budapest, Hungary

If electronic music is ruling you and your best friend’s playlist, you might fancy a trip to this gorgeous festival in Budapest. If the fact that the festival takes place smack in the middle of the Danube river, in the beautiful island city of Budapest, for eight whole days doesn’t entice you, hear more. The festival not only packs the best of the talent across genres covering pop, rock, electronica, jazz, metal, blues, roma, and classical, but it also acts as a self-sufficient centre, providing no reason to exit. Combine this with the Turkish culture of the country, and we have a winner


5. Green Man

green man becky holmes(via: Becky Holmes/ Green Man Facebook)

When: August 20 – 23

Where: Brecon Beacons, Wales

Set in the magnificent Welsh country, Green Man’s non corporate approach makes this a truly intimate festival that you’ve got to get a dose of with your best friend.  Showcasing literature, art, all night bonfires, comedy, secret gigs and a gargantuan array of Welsh ale, Green Man makes sure a first time attendee remembers it for the rest of his/her life.



6. Listen Out

listen out(via: Listen Out Facebook)

When: September 26 – October 4 

Where: Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane – Australia 

This touring Aussie festival has been on the end of plenty of stick for it’s lack of musical diversity, but that does nothing to discount the fact that Listen Out is an all dance extravaganza. Now in it’s 3rd year, the festival line-up packs some punch with Childish Gambino and Odesza featuring on it.  



7. Fashion Meets Music Festival

fmmf(via: FMMF Facebook)

When: September 5 – 6

Where: Columbus, Ohio, USA 

This fairly new American festival is a fascinating amalgamation of music and fashion and the outdoor events were absolutely free of charge at their inaugural edition last year.  Faced some stick last year when R.Kelly was kicked off the main stage, but the showcases here are quite brilliant. With great indie music and talented fashionistas lurking the grounds, FMMF is a must visit.


8. Treasure Island

treasure island(via: B.Greenwood/Treasure Island Music Festival)

When: October 17 – 18

Where: San Francisco, California, USA 

One of California’s best music festivals, the drive to the Treasure Island venue itself is a wonderful experience. With some top notch acts – Deadmau5, CHVRCHES, Azealia Banks and others, Treasure Island’s spacious venue and gorgeous sunsets would means you and your best friend can lay back on the grass and chill out for as long as you like.


9. Beautiful Days

beautful days(via: Beautiful Days Facebook)

When: August 21 – 23

Where: Escot Park, Devon, UK

Another top British boutique outing, Beautiful Days has been described as one of the country’s most family friendly music festivals. There’s nothing like experiencing live music with your best friend, and beautiful days provides plenty of that. The small scale of the festival adds to its charm.

Fun fact: It’s own awards for having the Best Toilets in 2013 and 2014.


10. Lightning In A Bottle

lib juliana bernstein(via: Juliana Bernstein/ Lightning In A Bottle)

When: May 21 – 25 (2015)

Where: San Antonio Recreation Area, Bradley, CA, USA  

Lightning In A Bottle is an all camping excursion and adopts an open mentality towards its crowd. Camping grounds are located surrounding the festival as well as within the main grounds allowing attendants to be immersed in all the music and art. Aside from music, the festival wants to support creativity in other mediums as well including art, philosophy, and spirituality. Attending LIB with your true friend guarantees a better understanding between the two of you, and this is the pick of the lot.