Wolverine is a beloved character, it has seen its fair share of screen time, and was even played by a great actor like Hugh Jackman. The character was great, but the movies weren’t so great, they failed to capture the essence of the character. Till Wolverine makes his way to the marvel cinematic universe we can deep dive into a new Wolverine game that just got announced!

A new teaser was revealed to the fans that showed a muscular figure sitting at a tavern getting ready to rip through people with his sharp claws. though only the claws coming out part was shown to us and not the fight, we don’t know how the character will look or fight. The only thing that we know is that the game is in the works and we’ll be getting it.

wolverine game

But what is so exciting about it? There is a lot of games that come out every year, why might wolverine be one of the best? The game is being handled by Insomniac studios, which is responsible for making spider man games cool again. The spider man game was critically acclaimed.

So if such a big studio is making the game a reality, you know it won’t disappoint.

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