Don’t Let Daddy Know is finally coming to India, and everyone’s excited for the major rave promotion’s entrance into the city of Mumbai. 

To gear you up for the madness that’s about to go down at DLDK, The Sherp has some things you must look out for, if it’s your first time at a DLDK event.

1. Production

Every DLDK stage has been a mind-blowing spectacle, and they’ve promised the same for the Indian edition too! 


(Courtesy: DLDK / Facebook)

From stellar light shows to amazing visuals, DLDK India will be as epic as the ones that happen overseas, and you ought to see that for yourself! The venue in Mumbai has adequate capacity for such a stage, and we’re pretty sure DLDK will make full use of the space available.

2. The Secret Budweiser Parties

DLDK India has some mad parties planned around the city, if you’re invited!

The Secret Budweiser Parties will feature the whos-who of the music fraternity to spread the good word, and boy are they going to be good! Bringing the international EDM culture to the subcontinent, India will know how crazy the parties in the Netherlands get!

3. Top-notch artists

With a headliner like Steve Angello and some massive international and supporting acts to go along with him, DLDK has raised the bar for indoor stadium events in the country!


(Courtesy: DLDK / Facebook)

Featuring support from Arty, SemVox, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Third Party, Anish Sood and NKHL, you are guaranteed a fun-filled rave with loads of happy moments to take home after you’re done partying as hard as you can.

4. The Merchandise Store

Don’t Let Daddy Know is known for their merchandise line, including those fancy tees on their online store, and is often worn by diehard DLDK fans!



There’ll be an exclusive merchandise store at DLDK India, so that you too can rock those awesome crop tops and hoodies with the logo emblazoned on it! What’s more; the store will stock global merchandise, so you’ll only get the best stuff!

5. The vibe

The festival has left smiles on their fans’ faces over the years, which is why they have a religious fan following both in India and around the world. 



Simply watching their videos will make you go “I want to be there!” Now’s finally the time to witness all the madness by yourself, as DLDK comes to Indian shores.

6. Jäger’s Special Bar

Are you into those Jäger Bombs? If yes, then this is just the thing for you!


Load up with some amazing Jäger Cocktails at DLDK India, and make your experience even more intoxicating! There’ll be a special Jäger Bar at DLDK India, and it’s going to be pretty awesome!

7. Premium beers by the tap

For the first time at a music event here, there’ll be beer taps for premium beers like Corona, Stella and Leffi, in the MIP areas!


If you’ve managed to snag the most coveted tickets at DLDK India, you’ll get to experience this first-hand!

8. A VIP Golden Ticket for grabs

One lucky fan will get a surprise DLDK hamper with Budweiser merchandise, a VIP golden ticket and a meet and greet with the artists backstage!

Gold ticket


Whoever wins this hamper will probably be the luckiest party-goer ever!

9. DLDK’s playlist on Saavn


If you’re a true fan of dance music and DLDK, Saavn has all the songs for you!

All you have to do is download the official DLDK playlist on Saavn, and you’re good to go. Get your party started even before the main event!

So, are you ready yet? If you are, grab your tickets here and party hard at Don’t Let Daddy Know India!