India’s first festivals dedicated to hardcore and hard-style music is heading to Goa.

The rapid growth of both music festivals and dance music in India is astounding, and The Sherp is happy to announce another kid on the block with a brilliant lineup and beyond, hitting Goa in January. Hardcore Invasion can be every hardstyle music lover’s dream. But apart from the music, there is much more to explore at Hardcore this first year. From ziplining to mud fights, this festival promises to be an unforgettable experience. Here’s why.

1. The music

One of the biggest highlights of the festival would be watching some of the biggest hardstyle DJs in the world live. Artists performing at the festival include Angerfist, Miss K8 and Radical Redemption. Listen to Angerfist’s music here, Miss K8’s here and Radical Redemption’s here.


2. UV paint 

Every party is incomplete without UV paint. Light up Baga beach in neon colours and prepare for the most psychedelic night of your life. Find out more about the activities at the festival here!





3. Mud fights 

Hardcore Invasion invites you to wrestle, roll and swim in the India’s biggest mud fight. If your a person who enjoys uninhibited fun, friendly competition, and filth, this is your chance to unleash the fury. One of the very few festivals that offer such a colourful palette of activities, Hardcore Invasion is definitely outdoing themselves.



4, Beer shower/battle

Calling all beer enthusiasts! Hardcore Invasion will host a beer battle for those of you who appreciate the brilliance of a simple lager. Chug as many beers as you can in the span of two minutes and have it out with your buddies. Not just this, the festival also features a beer shower! Who doesn’t enjoy an explosion of brewskis? If this doesn’t convince you of the awesomeness that is this festival, we don’t know what will.



5. Ziplining

If you love adventure and adrenaline, then this may just be the perfect place for you. One of the truly hardcore experiences at the festival is zip-lining. Zip-line across the picturesque scenery of Goa and take home with you this exhilarating high-wire adventure.




6. Bonfires, jam sessions & trampolines

After an exhausting day full of madness and adventure, attendees and kick back and relax near the bonfires, where impromptu jam sessions and music will commence, and go on till the wee hours of dawn. There’s nothing like a warm and fuzzy end to the night. And for all you crazies, there’s also a trampoline, accessible at all times.


(Via: Wilderness Festival)


7. Camping near Baga river

Baga Beach is one of the premier party destinations in Goa, as well as the most beautiful. Hardcore Invasion will take place at Baga Beach on January 8 and January 9, 2016. Since this festival is also an overnight event, the gates will open at 10 pm, and the party will go on till 5 am in the morning! There will be a scenic and comfortable camping area for all those who wish to camp.




8. The first real hardcore experience in India

There are no other music festivals dedicated to the likes of hardstyle music, bringing all hardcore/hardstyle enthusiasts together for a weekend of phenomenal fun. Hardcore Invasion may be the beginning of something great, and we suggest you stick around and be a part of it.


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