This might just be the coolest camping tent EVER.

If you’ve always wondered what its like to live up in the trees, here’s how you can find out. The Tentsile is basically a portable treehouse that functions as a hammock, an elevated fort and a place to sleep, all in one! You can pitch the tent on the ground too, but why would you, when you can suspend yourself between trees? Tentsile says,“Whether you are looking for an all terrain camping solution, a safari safe house, a mountain, beach retreat, or a portable treehouse that avoids all planning restrictions, with the Tentsile tree tent the sky really is, the only limit.”


The tents are also environmentally-friendly, and provide shelter with no ecological footprint or environmental impact. You can also protect yourself from snakes and spiders and other animals that might make their way into your tent. This is the perfect tent for your next camping festival.

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