Dressed as a storm trooper, a Star Wars fan completed the goliath task of walking 645 miles to San Diego in honour of his late wife.Β 


Star Wars fanatics can be found in each and every corner of the globe, but this Minnesota man may be the franchise’s greatest ever follower. While normal people may start bickering about having to walk to the supermarket to pick up groceries, Kevin Doyle just walked 600 miles to San Diego to attend Comic Con.


After failing to hitch a ride when he got stuck en route, Kevin decided to walk to the convention as a tribute to his late wife, who he lost to pancreatic cancer three years ago. He started his marathon walk in California and walked 645 miles to San Diego over a period of one month. His journey was documented by a news channel, and he was greeted with cheers by a bunch of Star wars fans at the convention. Watch the story below:


Meanwhile, check out the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars flick:

(Images via: geekology.com)