From 1997, until today – The Fuji Rock Festival has never failed to amaze it’s attendees. It is a spectacle, and an experience to be reckoned with! This year, with the Foo Fighters, Muse, Deadmau5, The Vaccines, FKA Twigs, and many more fantastic artists – Fuji Rock, will not disappoint. 

(Image Courtesy: AboutCheapFestivals)

Across the hilly terrains of the Naeba Ski Resort, in the Niigata Prefecture of Japans, some call it the ultimate experience, some have even gone so far as to say that it is the best experience that one could possibly have – and we’re sure that none of the above are wrong. Fuji Rock, has served as the perfect convergence platform for indie, world, dance, and rock music from all across the planet!

(Image Courtesy: TokyoFashion)

Image Courtesy: Stuff NZ

(Image Courtesy: Stuff NZ)

Fuji Rock has always provided its attendees with some of the best in the music scene, from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, to Björk, the Arctic Monkeys, and Super Furry Animals. This year as well, there’s loads in store in terms of their jaw dropping line ups, set across seven main stages, and several minor stages that are spread out on the grounds of the festival!

Image Courtesy: IFlyer

(Image Courtesy: IFlyer)

While the festival has multiple events that take place simultaneously, there are also loads of activities for the diverse range of people that flock to the venue each year. Drum Circles for those with that percussive heart, a ‘Palace of Wonders’, for those with an affinity for all things eccentric and eclectic! With art and installations by renowned artists being showcased at the palace, there’s also a space for films to be screened at the “Fuji Theatre” – and trust us, this only gets better!

The festival, even with an audience of about 100,000 – is still the epitome of the alternative within the musical subculture, it is a festival that is meant for the music, and for the experience that it delivers, not one that serves any commercial purpose! Fuji Rock’s commitment to being an environmentally friendly festival is one of the elements within the mix that ensures its continuity – one of the main stages is run by bio-diesel-fuel, and other alternative fuels to reduce CO2 emissions and a safer, greener, happier, and cleaner festival environment!

Fuji Rock Field Of Heaven :: Flickr 16

(Image Courtesy: Flickr)

The festival grounds, are – if anything, HUMUNGOUS. Every walkway, every path, every bridge, and even the riverside ‘rest-stops’, are decorated, well preserved, and maintained even by the festival-goers. Candle art, and various other innovative and upcoming artistic practices are employed all over the festival grounds so that no one is ever bored and left with space that they cannot connect with – it is this dedication to preserving the space that makes this festival one of the more well organised, and highly satisfactory festivals on our calendar’s each year!

One of the most interesting things however, is the festival’s camping grounds, situated right at the foothills on the grounds, the site is a sight that could take any onlooker’s breath away – dotted with colourful tents, camps, and flags – the ground is always buzzing, and throughout the duration of the festival, has multiple things going on within!

Fuji Rock FB 3

(Image Courtesy: Fuji Rock Festival Facebook)

While all the interesting, amazing, and cool things go on at the festival, there are also some rather odd things that one might witness while the goings-on take place, attendees in strange costumes, totems being waved around, large balloon animals being bounced across the audience, and to top it all off, there is a lot of Sake that goes around, and only fun things come out of Sake!

(Image Courtesy: Yasuei Seesaa)

But, come sundown, the venue turns into a completely different sight – with hot springs and live music playing through the night, cafe’s buzzing with conversation, and a lot more – Fuji Rock will blow your minds away! We can’t wait to see what happens this year, stay tuned for more!