Who doesn’t like cheese?

Cheese is one of the world’s most popular and widely used foods, and it comes in several shapes and types. It comes as no surprise that there are full-fledged festivals for all that cheddar. The Sherp has listed 7 cheese festivals that have to be on your bucket list if cheese is your thing!

1. California Artisan’s Cheese Festival


(Courtesy: artisancheesefestival.com)

The California Artisan’s Cheese Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary in March this year, and has attracted more than 20,000 attendees. Creamery tours, cheese dinners and seminars are all included in this festival. It features some of the best cheese from California, and some wine and beer to go along with it.

2. Monroe Cheese Festival


(Courtesy: monroecheesefestival.com)

This Wisconsin-based cheese festival has its roots way back in 1873 when a simple cheese factory was opened in Monroe by German immigrant Julius Wettstein. The festival will commemorate its 20th anniversary this year, and it’s a day-long event that happens in September. Several tents serving cheese for a day are set up at this festival, that brims with activity.

3. Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival


(Courtesy: insidedorset.co.uk)

Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival is one of Britain’s biggest events for cheese, stretching over 2 days. With several programs held within these two days, Sturminster Newton is pretty packed. Apart from several of the best British cheese on showcase, they have other foods, vodka, gin, live music, craft stalls and a kids’ section. Sturminster Newton happens sometime in September.

4. The Great Canadian Cheese Festival


(Courtesy: cheesefestival.ca)

Canada has a cheese festival too, and it happens at Prince Edward County. The 2-day festival features cheese suppliers from all over Canada, and has grilled cheese showdowns, craft beer and gastronomy among a host of other activities.

5. Oregon Cheese Festival

The annual single-day event in Oregon has cheese, wine and beer tasting. It’s happening at Rogue Creamery, which has its roots in the 1930s. The Oregon Cheese Festival happens in March, and a day before the festival every year, a Cheesemakers’ Dinner is hosted.

6. Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival


(Courtesy: seattle.eater.com)

The Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival happens sometime in September. Washington’s cheese industry is thriving, with over 70 cheesemakers in the state, and they all gather every year at this festival. It’ll have several beverages and artisan food, apart from a lot of cheese.

7. South African Cheese Festival


(Courtesy: cheesefestival.co.za)

The South African Cheese Festival is a 3-day extravaganza that features some of South Africa’s best cheese suppliers showcasing their products. This festival has a Dairy Square for cheese and wine tastings, and a Carnival Park for live music and other activities.

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