Fireflies and their mating rituals make for some of the most stunning visuals in the summer nights.

Located in the Akole block of District Ahmednagar, the village of Purushwadi is situated 220 km from both Mumbai & Pune en route to Nasik. This tribal village is inhabited by the Hindu Mahadeo Koli tribe, renowned as rice cultivators and skilled animal herdsmen.

Their village is also home to a one of a kind natural phenomenon during the summer months. Visitors get to bear witness to Firefly flashes, which are part of a complex system of insect attraction. While male fireflies in the air use distinctive patterns of flashing and flying to signal females of their species on the ground, females respond with a flash, after a set interval signalling they are of the same species. This display of love in order to find the right mate makes it luminously beautiful.


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If you wish to experience this, Grassroutes, a company intent on helping the urban world meet and discover rural India, organizes a Firefly Festival every year. This year they are organizing camping trips from May 21 to July 3 so that, in addition to the Fireflies, you can also participate in fun-filled afternoons of eating unlimited ripe mangoes, Karvandas and Jamuns or if you prefer, you can just laze under the stars or swim in the river to make peace with nature.

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