Oh, how we wish these were true!

Festivals are dime a dozen, all ranging from music, art, culture, animals and much more. Yet, at the same time, there’s a tiny part of you that wants a specific, niche but somehow globally accepted festival that you would want to see take place. So we have named a few of our favourite ‘would be’ festivals at The Sherp!

P.S.: Those inspired to actually create these, we’re in!

1. The Ultimate Fandom Festival

(Credits: pinterest.com)

What better way to fangirl/fanboy over your favourite shows, movies, fictional characters or just some weird ass shit and not get judged at the Fandom festival! Imagine, a Sherlock case solving segment, a Harry Potter wand-making workshop, A MARVEL PANEL INCLUDING ALL THE CAST MEMBERS! But why stop there! Talk about all different fandoms over the world! Honestly, i’m dying at just the thought of it.

2. The Ryan Gosling Festival

(Credits: memegenerator.net)

Hey girl, you need to be at this festival to enjoy all things Gosling on the planet, right from his face on books to pillows and even pants. Yes Ryan Gosling leggings exist. Plus, a movie marathon with Ry’s hits like ‘The Notebook’, ‘Blue Valentine’, ‘Drive’ and ‘La La Land’ will be perfect, well besides his handsome face.

3. Hardcore Candy Festival

(Credits: pinterest.com)

Ah! The only form of sugar acceptable as a child can now be an adult thing! The Candy festival will have everything; gummy bears, lollies, marshmallows, sour candy, candy floss, brittles, hard candy, cola fizz, jelly sweets, haribos, chocolate fountains, pez candies, caramels and so much more. Excuse me, I might have drooled a bit. Plus, imagine a dessert bar with every kind of dessert available. BRB, need to plan this one ASAP on my own.

4. Sex Ed Festival

(Credits: news.kean.edu)

Be honest everyone, were you ever taught about safe sex in school? Or even how important the act actually is? Sex Ed Fest will have everything you need to know about your body and the practice of safe sex. It’s not about promoting sex but rather explain about this topic which is usually discussed in hushed tones inside a girl’s bathroom. Dudes can join in to learn about it all too.

5. Couch Potato Festival

(Credits: petsbestonline.com)

Couch Potato Festival is the place to be if you need the most comfy spot to just nestle up in a blanket with high speed internet, junk food and Netflix. The only one-stop marathon binge event will satisfy your parents’ worries about you not being around other people. After all, how will they know no one will be talking to one another if you’re too busy watching Breaking Bad right from Season 1!

Feel free to pour your own suggestions. Who knows, you might just get famous!