The next time you’re late home after a party, you’ll know how to cajole your parents with this guide to some great happenings that you can enjoy with your family throughout this year. 

Well, it’s quite common really – your parents scold you for not having enough time for them, that you are out all night partying till the wee hours. Sure, we get your struggle; big peeps just want to have fun and there really aren’t a lot of things that you can enjoy with the fam. Or is there? Hmm…

1. Champakulam Boat Race, 8th July, Kerala 


Take a trip down south to God’s own land, and witness the finest of sceneries in the lush green lands of Kerala. While there, witness an important and astonishing cultural activity that takes place in Kerala – the Champakulam Boat Race, the oldest snake boat race of Kerala. The festivities are highlighted by a stunning procession, water floats, colourful parasols and performances before the oars hit the serene backwaters of Pamba River. A marvelous sight to behold!

2.   Swan Lake Ballet By Royal Russian Ballet, 22nd-24th September, New Delhi

Credits: The Imperial Russian Ballet Company

Be enthralled by the delicately amazing ballet act of the Royal Russian ballet troupe as they bring to you their highly acclaimed act, ‘Swan Lake’. Complete with eccentric theatrical nuances, the story plot revolves around the trapped Princess Odette who has been cast under the spell of the Evil Von Rothbart, who can only be saved by a Prince. The performance highlights the recurring moral theme that ‘Love Conquers All’. 

3. Ragasthan, 16-18th November, Khurdi, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan


Situated uniquely right in the middle of the deserts of Rajasthan, Ragasthan is an amalgamation of all things wonderful! An offbeat location with the perks of moving around on camels all with the soothing and electric accompaniment of some insane music talents across various genres make the festival all the more popular. What’s more, the films, art, cultural activities, and impromptu performances just add to the zing of one of India’s best festival offerings!

4. 10th Edition of Bal Sangam, November 2017, New Delhi

Credits: Live Mint

The Bal Sangam Festival is organised each year by the TIE Company as a means of educating the masses on the importance of carrying forward the tradition of our performing arts. The cultural festival is thronged with performances by children who are from families with traditional performance backgrounds. Apart from the vibrant performances that enthrall the audiences there are dozens of cultural activities inclusive of art and craft workshops like Origami, Pottery, Puppet-making, Aadiwasi Shilp, Recycling, etc.

5.    Navrasa Global Carnival, 22nd– 24th December, New Delhi

Credits: Everything Experential

‘Navrasa Duende Global Carnival’ is a 3-day global carnival dedicated to the arts and performances. Expect to be enthralled by the best of musical performances inclusive of varied genres in addition to Dance Concerts, Theatre, Screening of feature films & Documentaries and a whole lot more!

So, what we are saying is, call up the fam, block those dates and head out for a guaranteed good time with those that matter!