Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano have come a long, long way. From meeting each other when they were 19, to headlining and playing some of the biggest festivals and clubs in the world, the duo has been representing their country, the Netherlands, splendidly. 

Their successful journey gave birth to a radio show called Sexy By Nature, which recently completed over a hundred episodes. The Sherp caught up with the Dutch sensations in a detailed interview, so read up to know more before you jump to their tunes at Don’t Let Daddy Know India!

1. Hey there! Hope you’re having an amazing time in India. Is this the first time you’re visiting the country?

Hey there! We’re having a great time in India. This isn’t the first time that we visit the country, but we always feel like visiting it for the first time. The people are very friendly here and they appreciate our music so much!

2. We haven’t seen a lot of SJ&RM music lately. Is there more music expected from you guys this year? Or are you focusing more on touring for now?

We are focusing on touring a lot more lately but we are planning to release a track very soon! Within the upcoming months actually. So keep your eyes and ears open!


(Courtesy: Facebook / SJ&RM)

3. You’ve been on SIZE, Armada, Spinnin’ and a bunch of other labels. Which one out of these has been your favourite?

We don’t really prefer a label choice as we feel free to produce our own music. A lot of labels are the same and are just as great.

4. A lot of new producers in India and around the world look up to your style of house music. What is your advice for them when it comes to being successful?

The key to being successful in this industry is to create your own kind of style and sound. Nowadays you see a lot of DJs that introduce new sounds in their tracks. It can really start a movement and will reach a big audience. So to us it’s very important to stay with your own unique sound.

 5. Your radio show Sexy By Nature just crossed 100 episodes, and that’s a pretty huge feat! Any plans on the future of the show? Will you have outdoor radio shows like ASOT in the future, perhaps?

Yeah it recently reached over 100 episodes and we’re so excited! We are planning to host a lot more shows in the future and we might actually do outdoor radio shows. Things like these are always cool to plan in the future, but we’re not sure yet.

6. India has a vast indie music scene, and an equally huge mainstream scene. Are there any Indian musicians that you’ve heard of or love listening to?

We aren’t really familiar with artists from India, so we hope to hear music from them in the future. The music culture around here is just amazing, so we can understand how the music is becoming very mainstream.

(Courtesy: Facebook / SJ&RM)

7. You have travelled all over the world with your music. Which of your numerous gigs/festival performances has been your most memorable one?

The most memorable gigs would probably be our own Sexy By Nature shows. It’s just amazing to have your own show and see the crowd go wild on your own party. It really makes us feel like we have reached a lot in our lives.

8. If given a chance, would you come back to India? Possibly for a large-scale festival in the future?

If we could ever perform in India in the future, we will definitely do so! As we said earlier, the music industry is developing very fast here so a big festival could just be reality in the future!


(Courtesy: Facebook / SJ&RM)

9. People simply love your sound design techniques and your style. Which DAW do you prefer for music production? And, do you have any plug-ins you swear by, both synth-based and effect-based?

We prefer using Ableton Live but don’t really have plug ins we swear by. And if we do have any plug ins we wouldn’t really share that with you of course haha!

10. The sound system at a music festival is the most important aspect. In terms of sound production, where do you think music festivals and gigs go wrong? Have you had any bad experiences with sound that you’d want to share with us?

In our opinion the music doesn’t have to be very loud, as long as the sound quality is good. A lot of young people actually have damaged hearing because of the loud music nowadays, so that’s not good.


(Courtesy: Facebook / SJ&RM)

11. Performing live and producing are both very important for an electronic artist to get the word out. Which one do you like better? DJing or making more music?

We are really into producing music but we also really enjoy playing sets. So we prefer playing live in front of people, because we really like to entertain everyone. It’s always great to see people give an instant reaction to your live set, so that’s the amazing thing about playing live.

12. Lastly, what is your advice to music festival promoters in India and around the world, if any?

We don’t have experience in promoting music festivals that much, so we can’t give you any advice!

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, and hope you have an amazing time in the country!

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