Camping under the stars, late-night bonfires, brilliant electronic acts and just general fun and revelry was everything we expected from the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015. And it delivered.

India’s “premier camping festival” just happened this weekend at Aamby Valley, and it was pretty damn amazing. There was camping in the pristine valley, with sunny days and chilly nights, an activity zone, food and drink that was available till the wee hours of the morning, and of course – the music. With large, futuristic stages, the festival hosted acts like Fatboy Slim, Tiesto, Oliver Heldens and Ferry Corsten!

Here are some pictures from the event that’ll definitely make you wish you’d been there:

1. This year’s BEVC may have been the chillest one yet.

evc26(Image via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

2. With an abundance of fun things to do at the festival, there wasn’t any time to be bored.

evc7 evc28(Images via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

3. The gorgeous campsite, set against the backdrop of Aamby Valley, was the absolute perfect setting.

evc8 evc fb3(Images via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa & Enchanted Valley Carnival/Facebook)

4. It was stunning throughout the day.

5. There was an activity zone, complete with food stalls and drinks, and seating under a canopy.

evc activity area(Images via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

6. Dancing and general merriment was all around.

evc5 evc34(Images via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

7. The food and drinks at the the festival were actually really yummy. Food trucks lined up around the campsite indulged everyone’s munchies.

8. And there were warm bonfires, of course.

evc21(Image via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

9. Everyone turned up in their festival best. 

10. This year, the stages at the festival were absolutely top notch, with production levels and visuals better than ever before.

evc fb2(Image via: Enchanted Valley Carnival/Facebook)

11. The futuristic Akva and Pyro stages stood out like mechanical marvels.

evc35(Image via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

12. The Terra stage was a place of serenity, with acts by non-electronic artists providing people with much-needed relaxation.

evc 2 11evc(Image via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa & Enchanted Valley Carnival/Facebook)

13. The Cosmo stage was huge, and definitely did not disappoint in any way, with its brilliant lighting, and impeccable sound.

evc2 8 evc29(Images via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

14. Oliver Heldens performed an amazing set on the Cosmo stage.

evc2 2(Image via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

15. Fatboy Slim’s set was definitely one of the most epic of the festival.

evc fb evc2 9(Images via: Enchanted Valley Carnival/Facebook & Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

16. Dubfire was off the hook!

evc dubfire1 evc dubfire2(Images via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa & Enchanted Valley Carnival/Facebook)

17. There was also quite a bit of homegrown talent at the festival this year, like Faridkot, Lost Stories, Oozeundat and Arjun Vagale and so many more..

evc indian1 evc indian2(Images via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

18. And Tiesto had everyone stomping and grooving..

(Images via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

19. Aided by some pretty insane visuals.

evc3 1(Images via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

20. Seriously, people loved him.

evc39(Image via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

21. All in all, BEVC definitely lived up to its claim of being India’s premier camping festival. 

evc6evc24(Image via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

22. So long until next year, BEVC!

evc stage(Image via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)