We’re celebrating some rather unknown facts about the singer on his 23rd birthday!

Justin Bieber has been a spotlight favourite since the release of his hit fame-gaining single, ‘Baby’ all the way back in 2010. In honour of his 23rd birthday, we’re taking a look at a few facts about the singer which might surprise you!

1. He Has More Twitter Followers Than The Population Of Canada

(Credits: weeklytimesofindia.com)

The singer, who was born in the heart of Ontario in Canada, currently has approx. 92 million followers on the social media website while the entire population of Canada is an estimated 36 million. The difference is astounding!

2. He’s On Text With His Pastor Daily

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We know the singer is religious and because of a few troubles in his past, he texts Pastor Judah Smith of Seattle’s nondenominational City Church on a daily basis. Pastor Smith works with the singer to “not get discouraged or despondent because of perceived failures.” On a few occasions he has also accompanied the singer to South Africa as well as Australia.

3. Four Of His Music Videos Are On Youtube’s Most Watched List!

The official music videos for “Love Yourself”, “What Do You Mean”, “Baby” and “Sorry” are on the list, making him the only male musician to exceed one million views on his channel. Talk about the number of people watching those videos!

4. He Has A Few Wax Statue Versions All Over The World.

(Credits: popcrush.com)

Madame Tussauds, the world’s most famous wax sculpture museum, have five versions of Bieber’s wax statue at their various stores all over the world! His statues also have the most number of pictures taken with the visitors.

5. People On Twitter Love Him, A Lot

According to a research conducted annually on the media site, it takes less than 30 seconds for his single tweet to be retweeted over 100 times! Also, 83% of Twitter users are Justin Beiber fans!

6. His Father Is An Ex-MMA Fighter

(Credits: celebuzz.com)

Jeremy Bieber, the singer’s biological father, divorced his mother Pattie Mallette when the singer was a child. The man is now an ex-MMA fighter who works in construction.

7. Jeremy Has A Few Songs Penned After Himself

(Credits: instagram.com/justinbieber)

Justin has stated that even though he shares a good relationship with his father now, the parents’ divorce had a huge impact on his life. The strain in their life has been the inspiration behind songs like “Down to earth” as well as “Where Are You Now”.

8. His Life Would Have Been A Lot Different If Not For YouTube

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His huge break was when he uploaded his covers on the video sharing page but the singer contemplated starting his career on the huge reality singing competition ‘American Idol’! We’re glad he chose the other path!

9. He Was the Cause Behind The Ban of Justin Bieber!

(Credits: gawker.com)

The singer has a namesake from Florida, a 35-year-old man, who was banned from Facebook as well as other webpages as they believed he was using a fake name! Of course the confusion was cleared but he still gets ton of fan mail as well as calls from fans daily!

10. He Is A Genius In Disguise

The singer has been rumoured to be at the top of his graduating class in High School but he can also solve a Rubiks Cube under two minutes! We’ve linked a video so that you can see it for yourself!

11. His Reason For Disliking Cats Is Hilarious

(Credits: giphy.com)

The singer once had a dream that be was bitten and eaten by cats and that is what has put him off the cute creatures for good. How is that even possible? Cats = Life!

12. Haters Really Do Hate On Him

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He gets a lot of flak from many individuals who dislike him and his music but a few years ago, two people purposely bought backstage passes to his show just to tell him that his parents’ divorce was his fault. Harsh, man!

13. He Has Been Taken Advantage Of

(Credits: pulse.com)

Years ago, a so-called friend of his had recorded a video of the star taking a leak in a bucket. The video was sold to TMZ for roughly 40,000 US Dollars just a few months after the video was taken. Talk about friendship, right?

14. His First Live Performance Was A Cover Of His Hit track

For his first ever live singing performance, the singer chose to cover Alicia Keys’ iconic track “Fallin”. Just look at how tiny he is in the video!

15. He’s Got Other Skills Too

(Credits: menshealth.com)

The singer is good at his music but he can also juggle and do a bit of acrobatics. Plus, we all know about his love for boxing and beatboxing too.

16. He’s Got A Good Sense of Humor

You’ll find that he’ll never shy away from making fun of himself. He participated in the Comedy Central Roast Of Justin Bieber where he took on a number of comedians bashing his shenanigans with some salt but held up his own. At least we know he’s a good sport!

17. His Favourite Video Is A Bit Out There 

He is known to be a bit on the funny side but the singer’s favourite video to see on YouTube is Chuck Norris fighting a bear. Now, we don’t know if its a joke or not but you can figure that one out by yourself!

18. He’s An Avid Shopper

(Credits: dailymail.co.uk)

He has a definite sense of style and some of them have been questionable in the past but the singer makes it a point to visit a mall in every city that he visits for a tour. Guess you know that he’s keen on how to present himself, clothes wise.

19. He Suffers From Claustrophobia

(Credits: phobiawiki.com)

Bieber has been dealing with claustrophobia, the fear of being in an enclosed space with no escape, for a few years which makes him dislike large crowds, elevators and small spaces.

20. He’s An Active Spokesperson For Pencils Of Promise

(Credits: pinterest.com)

Pencils Of Promise is a charity found by Adam Braun, his manager’s brother, that helps build schools in developing countries. Bieber became the manager for the organization’s campaign in Guatemala and is the spokesperson for the same.

21. He Isn’t An American Citizen Yet!

(Credits: visas123.com)

Even though the singer has been living in the United States for a number of years, he is not interested in becoming an American citizen because of his view on America’s market-oriented health care system and praises Canada for its government run health care system.

22. The ‘Purpose’ Album Has EDM Roots Because Of This Reason

(Credits: rollingstone.com)

After collaborating with super duo Jack U i.e DJs Diplo and Skrillex, on the track Where R U Now, the singer was inspired to shift to a more EDM heavy sound for his album. ‘Purpose’ challenged his musical creativity and has been claimed to be his best work till date.

23. He’s Making His Way To India This Year!

The singer will be bringing his ‘Purpose World Tour’ to the city of Mumbai on the 10th of May and you need to see the singer live and in action to see why he creates the buzz all over the world! Get Tickets here.