It’s not that you need any reasons to be at the most wonderful place on Earth!

It’s a rare yet very satisfying sight when you imagine yourself in the middle of the Caribbean, listening to good music and dancing to the music that you wish would never stop playing.


When was the last time you partied on an island in the middle of the Caribbean? It’s not every day that you can dance to the rhythm of refined beats in 84 degree weather. St. Martin holds itself as a premier vacation destination. Prepare to land your feet in the silky sands and take in some tantalizing views.

2. Value

Bang for the buck (the currently strong US dollar is an official currency), SXM delivers with the best music, bars, restaurants, casinos, and water sport facilities. The festival ticket runs less than $250. Drinks are fairly cheap and the food more-so, allowing you to indulge in the freshest Creole seafood at a bargain ($2 beers, $5 plates). If the shacks and street food aren’t enough then prepare to find world class cuisine also at budget in the town of Grand Case, labeled the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean. Foodies be warned!

3. More Value


St Maarten is duty-free, making the island a tax free shopper’s paradise. This is not to tempt bad habits but tobacco and liquor will be inexpensive, while jewelry, leather goods, and designer items will be at discounted rates. Even though the airfare may hit your wallet, once on the island, you’ll be saving enough for retirement.

4. Music


There’s no reason this portion shouldn’t be #1 on the list with the unique selection of artists. Check out our very own Dominic’s take here, the lineup surely speaks for itself. The DJ’s are confirmed to be playing on state-of-the-art Void Sound Systems.

Âme, Amir Javasoul, Andhim, Atish, Audiofly, Bedouin, Behrouz, Ben Finx, Bensol, Birds of Mind, Black Coffee, Blond:ish, Bob Moses, Chaim, Crussen, Daox, DeWalta, DJ W!ld, Doc Martin, Ernest & Frank, Francesca Lombardo, Frank & Tony, Fur Coat, Guti (live), Greg Pidcock, Head Nodders, Honey Dijon, Igor Vicente, Isaiah Martin, Jade, Jamie Jones, John Acquaviva, Jon Charnis, Jonathan Rosa, Julia Govor, Julio, Kate Simko, Lee Burridge, Lee K, Lum, MANDY, mONROE, Maher Daniel, Martin Buttrich, Matthias Meyer, Mayssam, Mighty Kat, Monitors, Moody Jones, Moscoman, My Favorite Robot, Nadav Vee, Nature of Music, Navbox, Nico Stojan, Nicolas Matar, Nightvision, Nina Kraviz, Nitin, Nu, Ostrich, Rambo Springsteen, Revah Brothers, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Rony Seikaly, Rooz, Roy Davis Jr, RPR Soundsystem, Sebastian Mullaert, Shaun Reeves, Simon Jain, Skream, Sleepy & Boo, Soul Clap, Taimur & Fahad, Tara Brooks, The Doctors, The Martinez Brothers, Thugfucker, Tom Peters, Vanjee, Wild Dark, YANO, YokoO, Zach Walker

5. Venues

Credits: Jeremy M. Photography

There will be a refreshing change of scenery at SXM. Not only will you get Happy Bay’s main and ocean stage but also various club venues located all over the island. Happy Bay, Palm Beach, Refuge, Layla’s, Le Shore, Sky Beach, Tantra, Kokomo, and the exclusive VIP Jungle party will keep you moving while simultaneously exploring the enticing island.

6. Curators


Womb Tokyo, Get Physical, Kazbah, Dailycid, Stereo, and Punch Drunk Love will be producing day and night after parties. From Tokyo to Burning Man, these presenters are professionals in their craft and are most likely going to spice up the parties with a signature touch.

7. Timing


Whether you’re in search of the sunset or sunrise there will be a party around the clock. The choice to enjoy the external stimulations or even take an introspective break is completely up to you.

8. Culture


The island is split between the North (French) and South (Dutch) side as they were divided back in the 1600’s. Two is always better than one so prepare for an exotic fusion of cultures

9. Transportation


It won’t be a challenge to get around the island as you have many options.  Shuttle busses and boat services will be running on the regular (24 hours a day) to key drop off points. If that’s no bueno, you can get a car rental at a discounted rate or even book a private driver. Check out this clearly labeled map for further information.

10. Experience


A festival of this magnitude usually gets its kinks and issues out after the first run. Considering the grand success of the inaugural 2016 event, odds are forever in the favor for an enhanced and soul filling 2017 experience.


Seriously, what are you waiting for? Book Your tickets here!

Compiled by Sam Siam