The artistes that featured in the recently concluded Rock n Ink Tattoo Festival (September 12-14) proved just why there can be no better canvas than the human body. Check out the evidence:


1. More than meets the eye

By: Cross My Heart

cross my heart


2. At arm’s length

By: Alexander Pashkov

Alexander Pashkov1


3. Four mask-eteers?

By: Pavel Roch

Pavel Roch


4. Leading by example

By: Benjamin Laukis Tattoo

Benjamin Laukis Tattoo, Melbourne


5. No monkey business here

By: Bunte Tinte Tattoo

bunte tinte tattoo


6. A Jimi Hendrix-style talisman on the sleeve?

By: David Giersch Tattooist

David Gierch Tattooist


7. No wings attached

By: By: Viktortattoo



8. Face to face

By: Mick Squires

Mick Squires Australia


9. Buddh-wiser

By: Anker Tattoo & Piercing Frieburg

Anker Tattoo & Piercing Freiburg
10. Why only Imagine Dragons?

By: Alexander Litvinov

Alexander Litvinov


11. Lady luck

By: Bene Bader

Bene Bader


12. Mourning glory

By: Chric Block

Chris Block


13. Finger-lickin’ good?

By: Alex Mansuy

Alex Mansuy


14. ‘Only then you have my permission to die’

By: Alex Mansuy

Alex Munway


15. Eye for an eye

By: Alex Mansuy

Alex Mansuy2



(All Images Courtesy: Rock n Ink Tattoo Festival Facebook)