Music festivals are all the rage now, and technology is catching up! From solar-powered tents to dating apps, there are a whole bunch of inventions that could take your festival experience to the next level. Here’s a list of the things you didn’t realise were missing from your life.


1. Here Active Listening System

These earbuds can change your live music experience forever. You won’t have to worry about bad sound mixing ever again, because these can be can be connected wirelessly to a smartphone app that allows the wearer to alter (and adjust EQ) of real-time sounds. You can even remove or add effects like reverb, echo, flange, and even one that makes it sound like an old vinyl record. Know more here.

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2. Orange Solar Tent

This convenient invention makes music festival camping sound a lot less harassing than it’s known to be. The Orange Solar Tent holds three blanks of photovoltaic cells that harness, you guessed it – solar energy. This tent can provide power to multiple devices at once. In addition to this awesomeness, this tent has enough space for four average adults (or two sumo wrestlers) to sleep comfortably. AND it glows in the dark. You can order it here, and take it to your next Glastonbury visit!

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3. Firechat

Firechat is a messaging app based on the concept of “peer-to-peer mesh networking“. It runs on smartphones and tablets like a normal chat programme, but as well as communicating with a central server to upload and download messages – as services such as WhatsApp work – it can work without any centralised control at all. Firechat listens out, on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, for other phones running the same app. With this, you’ll never lose your friends at a music festival! You can download Firechat on the iTunes store here.


4. Wireless Phone Charger

At a music festival, your phone will inevitably die at some point, probably exactly when you’re a mile away from all of your friends. This incredible device, called Ampy, senses your movement automatically charges your phone. It converts the kinetic energy from body movements and to create power. As you move, your motion couples with the magnets inside Ampy’s inductors, producing electricity and recharging the internal lithium-ion battery. Watch the video to know more about this exciting invention. You can buy it here.


5. Solar-Powered Beach Mat

Powered by a 5 Watt solar panel, the Beachill mat has a built-in thermal fridge that’ll keep your beers and cokes chilly, and a charging point for portable devices. It’s lightweight and folds easily, so you can stuff it in your car and take it to your next festival! It even has a small storage space to keep things like phones and water bottles in, so you can lounge on the grass the next time you’re at Coachella. Check out their Facebook page to find out how to buy one!

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6. Festival Dating App

Festivals are the perfect place for hookups, or sometimes meeting people you have a lot in common with. Looking to tap into this lucrative market, a brand new Chicago based app called FanMatch will allow you to meet new people based on the music festival you’re attending. It’s pretty much like Tinder, but for music festivals. Check it out on the iTunes App Store here.

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7. Collapsible Woven Refugee Tent

Meet the tent from the future. This is a tent you’d want to move into, without having to worry about rain and snow, water power, or even lugging a heavy tent around the next time you go to a camping festival. Made of weather-proof fabric, it collects solar energy to charge batteries, harvests rain water and folds up easily, so you can easily carry it with you. This is pretty perfect for your next Burning Man! Find out more about this amazing tent here.

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8. Festival Maps

Imagine that a festival app that can tell you not just where the nearest toilets are, but the ones with the shortest queue, or the exact location of your tent or your friends – even if they’re front of stage with tens of thousands of other people. A new real-time positioning technology – Crowd Connected – gives promoters unprecedented levels of crowd control data and enhancing the festival-goers experience with invaluable social media integration. Check out their website.

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9. Decathlon 2-Second Tent

Effortless and incredibly cool, this tent requires no set up or fussing whatsoever. Just remove the plastic strap and throw it in the air. The Decathlon 2-second Tent is waterproof, ventilated, durable and the right size for 3 adults, very comfortable for 2 people. Folding it after use only takes about 15 seconds. Imagine how much setup time it would save you at a festival like Ziro. You can buy the tent on Amazon.

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10. Trippy Sunglasses

Diffraction lenses aren’t just a pseudo-stoner play-toy from the seventies anymore. Hungarian artist Bence Agoston has developed the Mood Sunglasses with 3D-printed frame that allegedly gives the wearer LSD-like hallucinations. These glasses come with a number of different lenses that you can interchange according to your mood, and are perfect for your next psytrance festival. Check them out on the website.

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11. Amphibious Camper

This is something that every festival camper needs – state-of-the-art, German-made mobile accommodation that runs on land and water. Once you recover from the shock of discovering this beautiful creation, there’s more. The fully-equipped interior includes cooking/washing module, compression cooler, heater, onboard BBQ and kitchen, toilet and sound system. There’s a table and seating area inside that can fit six people, and it can be transformed into a large bed. You can buy it here.

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