Meet FanMatch, the app specifically designed to meet new people at music festivals.


We all know that activating your dating app in crowded spaces such as malls, bars, hotels and restaurants guarantees better results than swiping on the move. But there’s no better place to improve your chances at acquiring matches than at a music festival. Looking to tap into this lucrative market, a brand new Chicago based app will allow you to meet new people based on the music festival you’re attending.


Available on Android and Apple devices, users can meet people attending the same music festival. Once you feed in your data, relationship interests and the festival you’re looking to attend the app automatically connects you with a list of people that have fed in the same festival name as yours. The app works exactly like Tinder, but for music festivals. But unlike Tinder, chatting is not available free of cost. Unlimited chatting costs $3.99 for 7 days, $9.99 for 1 month, and $19.99 for 3 months.