We take a look at some of the most unique tents to give you a better camping experience!

With more and more music festivals trying to give their attendees a wholesome ‘festival experience’, they have started to experiment with providing the most satisfying camping experience for their patrons. But the results aren’t always pretty! No matter how hard you try, the tent might not be right, the weather might screw up everything around your tent and your mood just might be rotten for the entirety of the event.

If you’ve had camping experiences in any of the recent festivals in the Indian music circuit, chances are you’ve had some amazing as well as bittersweet memories. Although the majority of these events provide you with your own tents, there still is a lot of room open for improvement. Considering the fact that you have to spend up to 2-3 days in a tent, the least you could ask for is maximum comfort. Keeping that need in mind, festivals all over the world and tent makers have started innovating the design and style to give the crowd something to look forward to.

We take a look at some of the best tents to give you the most homely feeling when at a festival! Also you can stay warm while camping in these heated tents.

1. Decagon Link Station Modular Tents

Credits: newatlas.com

The Japanese brains behind the revolutionary Decagon Link Station tents dreamed of giving an opportunity to put you up with all of your friends UNDER ONE SINGLE ROOF! The tents are almost 9 feet high and twenty feet wide with space for atleast 4-5 people. With an additional attachment, you can even park your car halfway inside the tent! Seriously! This is one tent that is a must for people who head to festivals with their whole entourage and wouldn’t want to miss out on any fun.

2. Lotus Belle Tents

This one is a more glamorous and eye-pleasing design. The Lotus Belle tents, which from the looks of it you can make out, is designed to give you a more exotic and deluxe experience. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to camp in with their significant other. Talk about setting the mood right!

3. Heimplanet’s Inflatable Geodesic Tent

This one is a blessing for those who don’t want to carry out too much bulk to the festival. Roll it out, spread it out, inflate it and, when you’re done, remove the air from it and it goes right in your bag again. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? With the geodesic inflatable tent, you get an incredible amount of space as well. Up to three people can fit in snugly inside the tent.

4. Tenstile’s Stingray Tree Tents

What’s better than being a few feet off the ground from all the people, noise and the dirt? The Stingray Tree tents houses up to three people and has two entrances for you to get into. What you get is guaranteed protection from creepy crawlies on the ground and some mid-air suspension comfort! The tents might look complicated to set up, but take only 15 minutes to set up and can be anchored on any trees or columns that you see around!

5. B-And-Bee Stackable Honeycomb Tents

This one is the perfect solution for when you are low on space and don’t want all your friends to be scattered all over the festival grounds. The stackable honeycomb tents, which resemble a honeycomb, can accommodate two people and is a little low on comfort. The only thing you can do in those tents is just crash after a long day of dancing. But the pros make sure that your gang stays in one place and aren’t placed in random tents all over the festival grounds.

6. The Orange Solar Tent

There had to be atleast one renewable-energy saving prototype design tent on this list. And here it is! The Orange Solar tent has around 3 photo voltaic cells which power up the tent and any device inside. The power absorbed during the day also helps to illuminate the tent at night. The innovative tent was first debuted at Glastonbury in 2009. The tent also absorbs enough energy to power vendor carts and sound systems. The perfect after party tool at any festival!

7. Shiftpods

If you put these tents up on an open field or a beach, chances are people might mistake it for a set of a space movie. The Shiftpods look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie because of the metallic appearance of the comfy tents. The tents are insulated, waterproof and wind resistant! Whaaat! The pods are built to last over 10-15 years which is ideal if you want to make a worthy one-time investment. The tents have seal-able windows and lockable doors, which is music to a festival goers ears. No more worrying about things getting stolen.

8. The Coocoon Tree

Just look at that picture, look at it. The Coocoon Tree, aptly named, is a camper’s dream come true. The orb is suspended from the trees secured by wires and ropes. The tent is a few feet above the ground and is illuminated from the inside. It also happens to be wind resistant and waterproof. If sleeping above the ground isn’t your style, you can also set it up on the ground as well. Seriously, this might be the best one of them all!

Camp away, soldier!