Nostalgia will hit you like a wave after going through this list!

The artists will be playing their tunes this month at the Enchanted Valley Carnival on the 17th and 18th of December at Aambey Valley City. But if you remember the early 2000s, this is more than just a performance. Their musical journey so far has been one filled with extreme highs and they have produced some of the best collaborative bhangra/hip-hop tracks to date. So take a trip down memory lane and take a look at their top tracks so far:

1. Dance With You

The duo teamed up with singer Jay Sean to create this epic hit under the banner of The Rishi Rich Project. The song went on to become major, not only in India but also in UK where it reached No. 12 on the UK Singles Hit Chart and with good reason! We’re still dancing to this one every time it plays.

2. U-n-I (Dil Vich Hum Tum)

The title track of the Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerjee movie was sung by Juggy D and produced by Rishi Rich, who also produced the entire soundtrack for the movie. He teamed up with singer Veronice Mehta for this banter-filled track. The video for the song featured various couples in adorable scenarios across a few ages (that old couple is goals).

3. Eyes On You

The Rishi Rich Project came back together after Dance With You spread like wildfire. This track is a follow up to the previous one with a slower vibe, but the beats are the same infectious kind. It’s a slow jam but can definitely be played anytime on the dance floor.

4. Dil Mera

The producer dabbled into more Bollywood hits after producing this single for the 2005 risque comedy “Kya Kool Hai Hum”. The song went to become a huge hit in India and samples an old classic into this one. The female vocals on the track is by one of their frequent collaborators, Veronica Mehta, who makes a cameo as the lead dancer.

5. Balle Balle

You have definitely seen “Bride and Prejudice” staring everyone’s favourite Aishwarya Rai in the Bollywood adapted movie of the Jane Austin book. The song was played during one of the wedding scenes in the movie but we sheepishly agree to have forgotten it while staring at Martin Henderson. But the song is great (and so are Henderson’s eyes).

6. Sohniye

Doesn’t the song sound familiar? That’s because we still hear it at ever Punjabi party. The track is prefect for you to shake a leg to, get your bhangra on and show everyone who’s boss on the dance floor. No amount of heavy jewellery or thick clothing can weigh you down for this one.

7. Dil di Rani

Juggy D is killing it with the dance tracks and this one is no exception. The Punjabi track is fun and timeless. With exceptional dhols in the background and the lyrics, this is one feel good track. I’m feeling so nostalgic, it’s not even funny anymore!

8. Freak

The trio reunited last year after a break in 2007 but soon released this track in 2015 and by the sound of it, they have proven that their music evolved after the break. It’s fresh with new elements from the electronic music genre. Smart play on getting a larger audience, don’t you think?

If this isn’t enough to get you excited for their performance, go through the list again and again till it does.