If you ain’t still, you ain’t doing it right for this viral video that has sent the world into a frenzy

The Rae Sremmurd hit has been the soundtrack for this no-movement video that’s spreading all across the world like wildfire. It all started with a group of high schoolers first uploaded the freeze frame video and people have been quick to follow suit with the most bizarre scenarios you’d never even think of. We have a list of some of the best mannequin challenges so far by musicians and you need to see it to believe it.

1. Paul McCartney

You know you’ve made it in life when the original Beatle endorses your song. Paul absolutely smashed this challenge which he did with a shout-out saying “Love Those Black Beatles”. He looks so much like a wax figure it’s borderline weird.

2. Adele

She knows how to put a unique twist on whatever she does and she does it again. She did the challenge with her crew in a Western style with straw hats, country music in the background and the quintessential bar fight.

3. Beyonce

Not only does she do the challenge alone, she brought along fellow Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams on board for this fun balloon fight that is giving off some major nostalgic vibes.

4. Hillary Clinton And Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi joined Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for the challenge during her campaign mid air on a flight. Props to the smooth flight as well as Bill Clinton! The dude knows how to not move a muscle.

5. The Oregon Symphony

Feeling left out, The Oregon Symphony Orchestra uploaded their video with a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes when they prep for a show. Their attention to detail is excellent right down to the man falling with the cello.

6. DJ 3LAU

The American DJ recruited the crowd at his live performance at The Novo in Los Angeles and it’s visually appealing AF! The strobe lights are the only way one realises its not paused at anytime during the shoot. Guess we now have the answer to “Turn down for what?”

7. Young Thug

The rapper took to his private jet for this one with Savage Mode and the airport crew did not disappoint either. He breaks off into a dance at the end but we wish it was just a wee bit longer.

8. Diplo

Diplo thought of celebrating his birthday by getting the crowd to participate for his version of the challenge, appropriately termed by him as a “baby mannequin challenge”. Short but the smoke blowing by a man in the beginning was a nice touch.

9. 2Chainz

The rappers are pulling out all the stops for Rae Sremmurd but 2Chainz was astonished at how it took off right after his video for “Countin” was dropped with the same freeze framed element. Coincidence on a whole new level!

10 Literally The Best One Ever!