India’s happiest music festival gathers audiences from all around the country over two days of fun, frolic and music. The Sherp breaks down the different people you’re definitely going to bump into at each of the four cities

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Over the last four years, the Bacardi NH7 Weekender has provided a festival experience that no other domestic event has.  When you head there, you’re leaving reality behind and entering your own little community. Here are 10 types of people that are going to be part of this:

1. The Foodie

No festival is complete without multiple cuisines on offer. And these folks will loiter around all day, digging into anything edible they come across.

The foodie
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2. The Early Casualties

The pre-gaming ritual never works out for these guys. They’re usually wasted before a single guitar chord is strum.

passed out 2 9blogspot)
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3. The Fashion Blogger

The cool, minimally accessorised fashionista is always around the corner.

fashion blogger (
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4. The Moshers


moshers (


5. The Instagram Addicts

These guys prefer watching incredible live performance on a six-inch screen over using their own eyes. They spend a large portion of their time choosing filters over stages.  #MissingOutOnAllTheMagic

instagram (
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6. The Intellectual Storyteller

He’s been there, done that, and he REALLY wants to tell you a tale about how he met his fiancee at the festival. This is what happens after a ‘short chat’ with him.

intellectual storyteller (
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7. The PDA Couple

The Weekender vibe is filled with love and affection and it takes a toll on most couples who aren’t afraid to express their feelings. But we have a solution: (2)
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8. The Happy Family

India’s happiest festival is incomplete without the perfect family making the most of their weekend mini-vacation.

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9. The Shoulder Surfer

Sitting atop of her man-mountain companion, she’s got the best seat in the house and she isn’t planning on stepping down any time soon.

shoulder surfing (
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10. The Bearded Muso

No kind of music is good enough to make this macho music enthusiast bust some moves. He’s constantly hopping from one stage to another in pursuit of the perfect melody that will probably induce a shake of the head.
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